All of our GOD COMICS are available as FREE DOWNLOADS from the comic book distributor Indyplanet; and print copies are offered through them at their cost.



THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD: The life of Christ is retold in vivid illustrations and portraits by a number of contemporary comic artists.  UPDATE: FULL COLOR VERSION OF THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY IN THE WORKS! TENTATIVE RELEASE DATE: NOVEMBER 2018!





TALES FROM THE SEVENTH GALAXY 7: There is a seventh galaxy...a place where ultimate realities reside. Science fiction with a metaphysical twist.



ANCIENT TALES FROM THE FUTURE 1B: Timeless tales from WAY off the beaten path featuring a full-length sci-fi retelling of the classic story of Jonah as set in the year 2056 as well as the poignant, poetic "The Horrible Monster".



CHURCH OF THE BROKEN SOUL takes you on a journey down "the road less traveled by" the secret place of GOD and a broken soul.




FOLLOWERS OF THE ALL! #1: Out of the moral haze of the Second Great Dark Age an allegorical hero MR. FAITH arises to challenge the tyranny of Abaddon

and the Kingdom of Babylon.